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Website Terms of Use and Copyright Statement

 Website Terms of Use and Copyright Statement


1. The user has agreed to the following content when using and browsing this website.

2. The rights concerning all the contents published on this website are owned by Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd. , including but not limited to trademarks, pictures, text, documents and files, website design, programs, copyrights Reprint, reproduction, modification and distribution of any of the content on this website without our prior permission are prohibited. If you have any questions about the use of the content of this website, please contact with our company. 

3. If you find any violation of the second point above, please contact us immediately.

4. Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd., is not responsible for any content published outside of this website or otherwise that is published by the company itself or by any third party authorized by the company.

5. The user is solely responsible for the risks of using this website. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, non-accidental, etc. damage caused by anyone using or browsing this website. Please use your software and equipment carefully.

6. Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any external links.

7. The company has the right to change or delete any content of this website (including these terms of use) at any time, and it will take effect immediately without notice to the user. Users should pay attention to whether the  content of this website has been changewhen using and browsing this website. Take full responsibility.