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Payment and delivery
41℃ soluble collagen / 2021-01-20


You can shop online at our company and purchase the full range of 41℃ products.
There are two payment methods, you can freely tick when shopping online payment methods:



Use an ATM or go to a bank or post office to fill out a remittance slip and transfer money at the counter.
Bank: First Bank (007) Songshan Branch (1510)
Account Name: Hengshengxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Account number: 151-10-058436
After the remittance is completed, please fax the remittance receipt to 02-26536316 or Line ID: collagentw or WeChat ID: P-StemCell, and indicate your purchase information (name, telephone, address... etc.), or call 02 directly -27883621 Confirm with our customer service staff.
When using ATM or counter transfer, you need to bear the transfer procedures required by the post office and bank separately.
You pay online, but please confirm that someone receives the goods at home; the goods you order will be delivered to the specified address within 5-7 working days after the company receives the order (excluding holidays, data errors, and unmanned pickup , Out of stock), the postman will collect the payment when you receive the goods.
The purchaser should check on the spot whether the contents of the package are correct. If there is any discrepancy, please request a return for the postman.
Except for those who have doubts about the content of the package, if you refuse to pay more than three times without reason, this website will cancel your membership.
Cross-border mail requires identification and other documents and contact information
All products will be sent by registered mail or parcel. Please confirm whether you can pick up the parcel at home.
Our company will process your order immediately and contact you proactively. After confirming that it is correct, the product you ordered is guaranteed to be received within 3 working days (excluding holidays, data errors, unmanned receipt, and out of stock).
If there is any damage or missing parts, please fax it in writing or e-mail, Line, WeChat, so that we can deal with it immediately and provide the most satisfactory service.
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