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The company's history
41℃ soluble collagen / 2021-01-14

Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 and completed its registration on February 1, 1979. It is principally engaged in the manufacture and the research and development of proteins and stem cells, such as collagen raw materials and collagen-related products, antigens, antibody raw materials and test reagents, production and application of antilogous stem cells, etc.

41 has passed ISO 9001:2015 and GMP for medical devices certification.

41 is export-oriented and officially obtained import permission from MHLW of Japan.


We were exported to several countries in Asia and Europe with our own brand of 41, and the product quality and service are deeply trusted and praised by  our customers.


Quality and service create everything. You must make the effective product which must be able to solve the problems that customers can not handle, benefit and surprise customers, so that the product has the opportunity to be reused.Then the product can survive and thrive in the market and qualified to enter the competition on the international stage.


The company founder said that the success of the product development is the accumulation of many experimental efforts and time. The accumulations of all these efforts have created the company's purpose, which is to take full responsibility for the company's customers. 


We uphold the concept of sustainable management, product innovation, and excellent quality to provide the better products and services with the most enthusiastic attitude. 


In the ongoing future, let us grow stronger together, and make your skin healthier and more beautiful!