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The brand story of 41℃
41℃ soluble collagen / 2021-01-14

Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd. has applied for the research and development of many related patented biotechnology products in the biotechnology field for 30 years and marketing in dozens of countries. Under the trend of international biotechnology, we have formally invested in the research and development of collagen since 1992. After eight years, the R&D team finally used a new generation of extraction technology in 1999 to develop "Hanson 41°C medical- grade avian soluble collagen" with the melt point of 41°C. Since the extracted collagen has the purity of at least 99.9% and excellent quality, which is the medical-grade biomaterial with the wide range of application and high quality.





This is made in the factory.

41 soluble collagen medical grade raw material

pure as water, transparent and flawless


  --> This bottle of collagen raw material has the purity up to 99.9%.



In the same year, priority was given to the development of repair-grade 41 soluble collagen skin care products suitable for the aging skin. Therefore, the R&D team quickly invested and developed the first set of skincare formulas again; the biggest goal is that it has the best skin repair effect and doesn’t cause skin burden. After more than one year of experimental results and data accumulation, on the basis of medical theory, the skin absorption (permeability) test was completed, and finally determined the formulas of the multifunctional 41 medical-grade repair products.


It was officially launched in December 2000, specifically designed and developed biotechnology products for Taiwanese, especially for the repair and skincare of the aging skin, named 41 soluble collagen.


Under the long-term test of customers in the market, 41 has won the excellent reputation for repairing the damaged skin and anti-aging. 41 soluble collagen is always at the forefront, helping customers solve the problems that cannot be handled. 41 soluble collagen makes customers satisfied in addition to creating the relationship of trust.


41°C soluble collagen you use is also one of our important raw materials for the production of autologous P-Stem Cell. Using the raw materials for producing stem cells in the repair and anti-aging of your skin will achieve faster and better results. . Using the raw materials for the production of stem cells in skin repair and anti-aging will achieve the faster and better results.


The company's new generations of products have been launched successively, including collagen nourish gel, collagen essence with stem cell conditioned media, etc.

The series of products have been completed. We confidently tell you that you should upgrade your daily skincare.


Let 41°C lead you to the next new stage.

Let 41°C collagen upgrade your skincare products to professional repair products.

Let 41°C collagen quickly repair your damaged skin and rejuvenate.


We not only make you young and beautiful but also restore your baby like healthy skin.


You can also become the protagonist in the legend.


The legend is beautiful and you are too!