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No.7 Nourish Facial Mask
No.7 Nourish Facial Mask
  • NO.:AC-502-N
    Quantity: 100
  • Brand:41℃ soluble collagen
  • Sales time:2021-01-19
    Goods click count:69
    Cumulative sales:10
  • Market price:NTD3000
    Shop price:NTD3000
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Goods Brief:


 Efficacy: ● 


Grade: Skin Repair

Pack: 10 pieces / box

Contains: High concentration and high purity

41 soluble collagen and nourishing elements

Strengthen nourishment and moisture

For the normal and dry skin. This product mainly used as the daily skin repair.  





The expert of skincare and the good helper for problem skin. - nourish, whiten, repair and delay ageing.


It is specially designed for the skin that needs quickly replenish large collagen at one time.


41 soluble collagen can quickly repair in the deep skin and directly replenish insufficient soluble collagen of the skin. 41 soluble collagen is a good helper for problem skin to permeate into deep skin quickly and be absorbed. It can really achieve whitening and repairing, delaying aging, restoring youthful vitality of the skin, recreating the flawless and moisturizing skin, and awakening the vitality of the skin. The skin is plump, so you can look radiant and young. The product strengthens nourishment and moisture. Besides the normal skin, it is good for the dry skin.



 The explanation of 41°C products function symbol note

●=collagen → skin repair and anti-aging, Skin Repair grade. 

●= strengthen nourishment and moisture ingredient.

●=stem cell conditioned media →lighten, shine, smooth and whiten the skin. 

●= skincare



[Origin] Taiwan
[main ingreadient] 41℃ Soluble Collagen
[Product specifications/capacity] 10 pieces/box
[Application area] Face