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41℃ No.3  Collagen Nourish Gel 10ml
41℃ No.3 Collagen Nourish Gel 10ml
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Goods Brief:


Efficacy: ● 


Grade: Skin Repair

Pack: 10 ml/ea(reserve product)

Contains: High concentration and high purity

41 soluble collagen and nourishing elements


Strengthen nourishment and moisture

For the normal and dry skin. This product mainly used as the daily skin repair.




This is a reserve product, 10 working days for shipping.

The expert of skincare and the good helper for problem skin.

41 soluble collagen can quickly repair especially for the damaged skin and the insufficient collagen skin .


41 soluble collagen is special collagen formula which is able to permeate into deep skin quickly and be absorbed. It is a good weapon against aging and repairing the damaged skin. We call it 41℃ soluble collagen, which is a good helper for problem skin to make your original skin with youth, vitality and elasticity.  

This product inherits all the advantages of the No.3 Soluble Collage Repair Gel. 41 No.3 Collagen Nourish Gel strengthens to nourish and moisturizing and improves the dryness and excessive production of crumbs after using No.3 Soluble Collage Repair Gel.

It retains the original powerful repair function, particularly in removing the pigmentations, whitening, shrinking pores, and tightening skin. It is a comprehensive product.


In addition to the original repair function, 41℃ No.3 Collagen Nourish Gel strengthens to nourish and moisturizing. It is developed to fight against the dry and harsh environments. It is a formula specially designed for dry skin and is more suitable for skin repair everyday. It has an excellent effect on shrinking pores, especially for the damaged skin that needs a lot of collagen supplement. It is suitable for both men and women, all skin types.



41 No.3 Collagen Nourish Gel

The difference between the second generation gel and the first generation strengthens is adding nourishment and moisture, Stem cell conditioned media that enhance triple penetration of collagen. The product can simultaneously nourish and moisturize the surface layer of the skin and replenish the lost collagen in the bottom of the skin. It is a dual-effect product.



 "You should upgrade your daily skincare. "Because you have used the skincare for 30 years, the skin on both sides of the mouth still sags,  the eye bags are drooping, etc.This is not caused by gravity. It is caused by the loss of skin collagen. 



The experiment has confirmed that 41 soluble collagen can penetrate into deep skin and be absorbed in 30 minutes.

The second generation of No.3 Collagen Nourish Gel is the good helper for problem skin; it can quickly shrink pores, whiten, improve eye bags and anti-aging.


 Use 3 times a day to make you young and beautiful and restore your original skin.



The explanation of 41°C products function symbol note

●=collagen → skin repair and anti-aging, Skin Repair grade. 

●= strengthen nourishment and moisture ingredient.

●=stem cell conditioned media →lighten, shine, smooth and whiten the skin. 


●= skincare



[Product specifications/capacity] 10ml
[Suitable for skin type] 中性
[For people] 女性
[Origin] Taiwan
[main ingreadient] 41℃ Soluble Collagen
[Application area] whole body